This is the survey to end all surveys!

(A collection of questions I've found)

Just copy and paste, delete my answers and write in yours!

  1. What's your first name? Rebecca
  2. Middle name? Eve
  3. Last name? Jeane
  4. Nicknames? I don't really have any, but my handles are sunnymuffins and bluebeqi.
  5. Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius
  6. Sex? Female
  7. Birthday: December 10
  8. Where do you live? Columbus, OH
  9. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Nope, I got a fiancée! ;)
  10. If so what's her/his name? Kewuane
  11. Have you ever been in love? I am right now :)
  12. What's your favorite color? blue/pink/purple/green/black
  13. Do you have any piercing, or want any? No piercings at present, but I want them.
  14. If so what do you have/want pierced? I want to get my ears redone and a nose ring/stud.
  15. Do you have a tattoo or want one? I want one.
  16. If so what kind and where? I want a woodcut-styled sun with a dragon wrapped around it, on my back or shoulder blade.
  17. Where do you shop at the most? Hot Topic, Earthbound Trading Co., Victorian Trading Co., and thrift stores
  18. What color is your hair? brown
  19. What color are your eyes? hazel
  20. How tall are you? 5'4"-ish
  21. Do you smoke? No
  22. Do you like to eat skittles? They're okay, not my first choice
  23. Do you do drugs? No
  24. What kind of music do you like? pop punk, electropop, dark wave, symphonic metal, art rock, new age
  25. Who are your friends? Kewuane is obviously my best friend, but Lynn, Bethany, Shenelle, and Rachel. I never get to see them though. :(
  26. Who are your best friends online? Tam
  27. Who could you tell almost anything to? Kewuane. I wouldn't be marrying him if I couldn't.
  28. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? When I'm not on a tight budget, I like Bed Head and Love, Beauty, and Planet.
  29. Is your hair short or long? It's an inch shy of shoulder-length
  30. Do you like to shop? Yes, but not for too long, I get frustrated if it takes me more than 2-3 hours. I have childhood trauma about that lmao
  31. What sports do you play? None. I miss volleyball.
  32. What are you most scared of? spiders, tight spaces, heights, abandonment
  33. What is your favorite animal? cat, red panda, seal, bear
  34. Who are/were your crushes? Kewuane obviously
  35. How many phones do you have in your house? 2, mine and his
  36. How many TV's do you have in your house? 1
  37. What's your favorite foods? macaroni and cheese, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, Chipotle, pepperoni and pineapple pizza, italian subs, jambalaya, fish and chips, wild rice, chicken tika masala, beef samosas
  38. Do you look like anyone famous? I don't know if she's considered famous, but I look a lot like Whitney Webb
  39. What is one thing you cant stand? Dishonesty
  40. Who are the most attractive people you know? Kewuane.
  41. Are you a virgin? No
  42. What cologne should a hot guy wear? none. I get migraines from artificial scents for some reason.
  43. What are you listening to right now? Alanis Morissette - Hands Clean
  44. Who are you talking to right now? No one
  45. What time is it? 7:09pm
  46. Whats your favorite saying? eat my entire ass
  47. Do you have your own line? Technically yes. Babe and I share the phone bill but have separate lines.
  48. What's your phone number? 855-824-1777, extension 777 xD
  49. Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Of course
  50. Favorite shoes? Converse, Oxfords, Mary Janes
  51. What's your favorite drink? White Russian
  52. What's your fav. soda? Sprite, Canada Dry
  53. What things do you say a lot? fuck, shit, sorry
  54. Are you the serious or loud or happy or shy type? definitely loud, usually happy
  55. What kind of car do you have? 2013 Matrix
  56. Who is the coolest person in the world? My little brothers, they are so fucking smart and talented
  57. Do you think you're weird or funny? Yes
  58. Girls: Thong or Bikini? bikini, I hate a permanent wedgie lol
  59. Boys: boxers or briefs? boxers
  60. Who was the last person you called? Kewuane
  61. If you could have only 3 wishes what would they be? lifetime supply of excellent macaroni and cheese, Windows to add a feature to Win11+ to go back to previous user interfaces (XP/Vista/Win7), a fulfilling career (like in music or something)
  62. Where do you wanna get married? in a forest by a lake or river
  63. Who is the hottest guy or girl in your school? not in school anymore, but there was a guy I had a crush on in history class that wasn't the professor xD
  64. What are your favorite girl names? Florence, Elizabeth, Aine, Sophia, Jennifer, Annalise, Lorelai, Agnes, Eleanor, Nora, Eve, Rebecca, Alice, Emily, Anne, Tiffany, Heather, Charlotte, Scarlet, Rose, Caroline, Nichole, Isabelle, Amber, Shannon, Rhiannon, Danielle, Brooke, Olive, Iris, Hazel, Raven
  65. What are your favorite guy names? Christopher, Matthew, Tristan, Andrew, Colin, Ethan, Jason, Sean, Aaron, Daniel, River
  66. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I would have a sharper intellect. I am smart, it's just rusty.
  67. Have you ever tried to kill yourself? once
  68. Do you enjoy filling all this stuff out? kinda
  69. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Chipotle, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen
  70. Who do you really hate? the insurance companies that have hyperinflated the price of basic health care needs
  71. What are the ugliest names? Eugene, Regina, Gerald
  72. Do you have any brothers and sisters? two brothers
  73. Do you have a pool? no
  74. Do you have a spa? no
  75. Are you stupid? sometimes
  76. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Their bone structure and hair, their demeanor
  77. What are you addicted to? coffee, macaroni and cheese, Pringles
  78. Do you like jewelry? yes (silver, turquoise, amethyst, obsidian, rose quartz)
  79. Who do you wish you were? I don't. I'm happy with who I am because I know that is building who I will be in the future
  80. Who has it easier, guys or girls? both have struggles, I won't say one over the other because I don't know. But I will say I wish I could go for walks at night without worrying about being kidnapped or raped
  81. Would you rather be short or tall? I'm happy with my height.
  82. Do you like to dance? Very much so, especially bellydancing.
  83. Are you Online a lot? Yeah, but only because my offline life is so dull at the moment.
  84. Do you like playing pranks on people? Every once in a while, but sometimes I'm clueless and go too far so I try to keep it mundane.
  85. What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? Get involved with older men in my early 20s. I have a thing for them, but most of the older men who want to date someone that age are gross.
  86. What's your favorite subject in school? History
  87. What time is it? 3:35pm
  88. How many people are on your buddy list? 13 on Escargot MSN
  89. What college do you wanna go to? If I did go back, I'd go to Columbus State for my cheap credits, and beyond that, I really haven't thought that far out. I haven't been to school in so long.
  90. What school do you go to? None right now, but I did Ohio Virtual Academy for the last two years of high school. I liked it because I got a computer for it.
  91. Do you like Playstation? Never played
  92. What are your favorite Playstation games? Never played.
  93. Do you have your license? Yes
  94. Do you sleep a lot? Most of the time, yes. But not this week.
  95. What are your fave radio stations? 88.7 RadioU, Classical 101.1, 106.7 The Beat
  96. Are you a night or morning person? Depends on the shift I'm working
  97. What are your favorite web sites?,,,
  98. Can you define love? It's virtually impossible to adequately define, but to me, it's God/Goddess.
  99. Whats your favorite TV channel? Adult Swim
  100. Who's your favorite teacher? I don't remember his name. Had nothing to do with his teaching skills and everything to do with my infatuation with history professors. But also, he was a great teacher.
  101. How often do you shower? Every other day.
  102. Do you get along with your parents? Mom, yes. Dad, hell no.
  103. Are you rich or poor or in the middle? Poooor lol
  104. How many rooms does your house have? 4
  105. What do you wanna be when your out of college? Not currently in college, but I'd love to be an archaeologist or an anthropologist.
  106. Is Eastside or Westside better? Of Columbus, I'd say probably Eastside. Grove City and Dublin are great and all that, but East side has way more to offer.
  107. Do you have an online crush? No
  108. Are you ticklish? yes
  109. What's your favorite flower? Sunflowers and baby's breath
  110. What are you wearing right now? A denim jumper I got a couple years ago.
  111. What would you consider yourself a prep, gang banger, freak, dork, etc? I'm everywhere: woodland goth, cottagecore, punk, lolita, and old money prep
  112. How many kids do you wanna have? 1, maybe 2
  113. Do you believe in God? Yes, but not any one religion's God, I do believe in a Universal Higher Power
  114. Do you like to watch PDA? It depends on the day.
  115. Do you like bananas? I love them! TOO BAD I'M SUDDENLY ALLERGIC TO THEM FOR NO GODDAMN REASON
  116. Do you believe there is one person who is meant to be with you? Absolutely. My fiancée.
  117. Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't know. I liked Kewuane at first sight, but I didn't know I loved him yet.
  118. What color tooth brush do you use? purple
  119. How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2-3
  120. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Buttercup from PPG
  121. Do you have a job? Yes, Shell
  122. What turns you on? That information is classified
  123. What's your favorite fruits? Pineapple, gala/honeycrisp/fuji apples, pomegranate, pears, mandarines, nectarines, clementines, kiwis, and grapes
  124. What's your favorite vegetable? Cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, peas, corn, brussel sprouts, cabbage, spinach, iceberg lettuce
  125. What's your favorite candy? Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, Tootsie Pops, Smarties, Necco, M&Ms, Milky Way, chocolate covered cherries, Turtles
  126. What was the best day of your life? Probably a day at New England Music Camp. And also when Kewuane proposed to me was pretty rad, even though I had a migraine that day.
  127. What r u gonna do today? I worked this morning and went grocery shopping for the week, now I'm going to try to finish formatting this monster of a survey.
  128. Are you momma's little angel? She would probably say so, but I am more or less my own demon.
  129. Do you wear body spray? Nope, I'm sensitive to artificial fragrances because I am a mistake.
  130. Girls: Do you like guys with facial hair? Yes, but a smooth face is easier to ride on.
  131. Do you have AOL 4.0? I was like 4 when that shit was released.
  132. Who is the sweetest girl? The security girl at my dude's work.
  133. Who is the sweetest guy? Kewuane, but he's more savory than sweet. lol
  134. Are you wearing nail polish now? No.
  135. If so, what color? N/A
  136. How many rings or necklaces do u own? Too many
  137. Do you wear a watch? No
  138. What's your favorite toothpaste and mouth wash? Anything by Tom's of Maine, but Act tastes pretty good.
  139. Did/Do you have braces? No, apparently the only one in the family worth getting braces for was the middle kid. lol
  140. Are you tired? Hell yeah I am, I got slamfucked by 1st shift all week long, yesterday I finally had more than five hours of sleep, and tomorrow is my day off, so I'm very happy about that.
  141. Do you have any scars? One on my forehead from when I was five and dumb, one from a hernia surgery, one from losing my footing and turning my inner ankle into a meat crayon on the concrete steps, and so many from the slicer at an old deli job.
  142. Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? Countless times. I cry easily though.
  143. Do you like lollipops? Yes
  144. What are you thinking of right now? The dollar store chimichanga I've got in the oven right now.
  145. How many buddies do u have online right now? 1
  146. Whats your favorite cd? Within the Realm of a Dying Sun by Dead Can Dance. Also, Ray of Light by Madonna is a masterpiece (especially Frozen).
  147. Who makes you laugh a lot? Kewuane, myself, and Aba & Preach.
  148. What's it doing outside right now? It's partly cloudy and the sun is setting
  149. How many pillows do you sleep with? 1, but I need more
  150. What's the scariest nightmare you've had? I've had many a terrifying nightmare in which my family or loved ones die, but by far the worst was when I dreamed that Kewuane died and I thought it was real and I tried so many different ways to kill myself and it wasn't working. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I woke up and found him next to me sleeping peacefully. I almost threw up from how distressed I was.
  151. Best concert/play? I've only been to one concert unfortunately (Fuel). I desperately want to go see Heilung live. And also Falling In Reverse and Black Veil Brides
  152. What's a deep secret that you could tell? Then it wouldn't be a deep secret then, huh?
  153. Are you tired of filling this out yet? No, I've paced myself.
  154. Who sent this lovely survey to you? No one, I stole it from a Geocities page
  155. What's your worst memory as a lil kid? Dad molesting me, and, because I didn't know how to process it, I said a girl down the street was molesting me instead. Also, finding out my cousin didn't like me because my grandparents forced her to play with me. Good shit /s
  156. Do you believe in ghosts? Definitely. This whole apartment complex is haunted af. We even have ghost cats for some reason. lol
  157. Who's the one person you care about most in the world? Kewuane and my brothers.
  158. Whats one moment in your life that was the scariest? Taking my mom, brothers, and I to a women's shelter so we could safely leave Dad's house.